AUGAGE presents history in augmented reality

AUGAGE displays historical objects in augmented reality on the screen of a mobile device. In actual size and in the place where these object were originally situated.

AUGAGE system

AUGAGE system

AUGAGE® is a unique system that represents a completely new way to discover extinct historical sights in a form of virtual excursions into history. The AUGAGE® system displays historical objects using 3D models on the screen of your mobile device in real time, actual size and exactly where these objects were originally situated. By moving the smart device objects can be observed and the viewers get the impression as if they were right at them. This way you can discover historical sites in an authentic context. AUGAGE® system can be used for the presentation of both exterior and interior of buildings and each object can also appear in any historical time. The system includes also contemporary photographs, videos and other information. Places of interest can be also explored within a game which is another part of the system. AUGAGE® brings history to you using augmented reality. It is a vivid system that has been constantly developed and expanded. Join us to see how the would around you looked like in the history!

Mobile application Virtual Aš (Virtuální Aš) running on the AUGAGE® system offers an interactive tour of the town Aš and its surroundings. The app takes you to history and allows you to visit extinct historical objects in 3D in virtual reality. It is easy! When standing on a designated observation point direct your smartphone or tablet (iPad) in the direction where the historical building originally stood and immediately travel back in time. The virtual sights are presented in their original form but in context of the present town of Aš. At the same time, thanks to the application Virtual Aš you can get to know the town in a playful way while searching for questions and answers about various sights.


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